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239: Understanding What Makes Your YouTube Channel Tick With Jake From Wasting Time In The Woods

This week we are joined by Jake from Wasting Tim In the Woods on YouTube.

About Jake:

ake has been a video producer for over 20 years, specializing in endorsement videos for the last decade. He generally works on the opposite side of the video spectrum of most YouTube content in commercial productions with budgets anywhere from  $10-50K. Jake started his YouTube channel about a year ago to help him acquire some on-camera skills and build a hosting reel. The channel is called Wasting Time In The Woods and it's dedicated to sharing practical camping, backpacking, and Overlanding advice from a dad's perspective. Through gear reviews, trail-logs, experts, and insights his videos deliver content-rich adventures with a healthy dose of humor. Well... 'Dad' jokes anyway.
My Channel:

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