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269: Creating A Unique Experience On Your Channel With Zach Mendez

This week we are joined by Zach Mendez. He runs the Zach Mendez YouTube channel and talks with me about his successful journey on the platform, things he did early on that helped him and we talk gear and consistency.

About Zach:

My name is Zach. I'm a photographer & arts administrator based in Santa Barbara, CA. I’m also a trained opera singer, and I work as the Director of Operations & lead photographer + videographer for Opera Santa Barbara. Some other things I enjoy are vegan food, running, YouTube, coffee, my Jeep, good design, film photography, & Bon Iver.

Currently, I work full time at Opera SB + and shoot portraits/weddings/events & manage my YouTube channel on the side. Creative work is a part of my full-time job, but it's also a passion and side hustle for me. The hope is to move into full-time creative work in the future.

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Links Discussed In This Episode

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