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282: Becoming A Master Story Teller With Andrew Kan

This week we are joined by Andrew Kan from the Andrew Kan YouTube channel and from Salesforce. We talk about his rapid growth on his personal YT channel, story telling, and how to get your first brand deal!

About Andrew:

Hi, my name is Andrew Kan [Kan sounds like Can.] My goal is to help YOU (Online Video Creators) overcome the hurdles stopping you from accomplishing your creative goals, using the expertise and methods that I did. My main belief on content creation is that if I Kan you Kan too! I’m an experienced film director and have won film festivals for my documentaries. I’m skilled in Storytelling, YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Camera Operation, and all things film-making. You may know me from my time as Director of Video Production for TubeBuddy. I used my skills to help grow TubeBuddy’s YouTube channel from 6,000 to 525,000 subscribers. I’m also YouTube and Google Video Ad Certified.

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Twitter /// YouTube Channel

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Links Discussed In This Episode

Fiverr – Hire the right people for the jobs you need to make your YouTube life and workflow easier!

HotContent – Allow Natalie and her experienced team to help you on your YouTube journey by hiring a YouTube coach!

Bluehost – If you need a website use this link to get a Free Domain Name and a great deal on hosting

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