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In this episode of the YouTube Creators Hub podcast, host Dusty Porter interviews Faith Womack from the successful 'How to Faith a Life' YouTube channel with 172,000 subscribers and 750,000 views. They discuss Faith's journey as a content creator, from her early days of loneliness and starting a channel in a rural area to sharing her passion for Bible studies. The conversation covers various topics, including overcoming challenges, building a community, the creative process, technical aspects of video production, monetization strategies through Patreon, ad revenue, and future plans for the channel. Faith also shares insights on her approach to vulnerability, the importance of staying creative, and continuously striving for improvement.

About Faith

Faith is a Bible nerd who seeks to empower Christians to read, understand, and enjoy the Bible. By sharing what she learned in undergrad and seminary, Faith serves Christians who want more from their Bible studies.

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