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In today’s episode, I sit down with Kris O’Neill from the Sew The Distance YouTube channel. Kris and I talked about her start on YouTube and how she stands out in a crowded “crafting” niche on YouTube. We also discuss how she started her YouTube channel with lessons about an old quilt and what she learned. From this series, she has gained HUGE traction online, and it jumpstarted her YouTube growth. This is an amazing conversation with Kris, and we talk all about making money on YouTube, AI tools, her work/life balance, and SO much more.

About Kris

I am a Christian, wife, mother, teacher, and avid quilter. I am married to my husband, Brendan and we have two grown sons. We live in rural Pennsylvania with our mischievous golden retriever named Daisy.

I have been sewing and quilting since 1995 while living in Massachusetts. Like many of us, life changed in 2020. My husband’s job went fully remote, allowing us to live anywhere we wanted. Because we both grew up in Pennsylvania, this was an easy decision. I left teaching, we bought a house (via Zoom! I don’t recommend this!), and moved back “home.” I started the YouTube channel Sew The Distance; the rest is history! My channel combines my love of quilting and my love of teaching, along with my passion for old quilts.

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