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290: From 300 To 17 Thousand Subscribers In 3 Months With Davion Bashay

This week we are joined by Davion Bashay from the Davion Bashay YouTube channel. He talks about his very quick growth on YouTube to over 17K subscribers and MILLIONS of views within 3 months using YouTube shorts and other techniques. He talks about the pros AND cons of using shorts and the impact it's had on him as a creator and channel.

About Davion

Alex is a fun and spontaneous soul who loves roller coasters and adventures! Through this I create roller I have been doing youtube for the last 5 years off and on, I started doing vlogs inconsistently and only had 300 subs from 2017 to 2021. Then In July 2021 I started going ham on youtube shorts and started posting all the time and my channel skyrocketed and I grew to 10k by the end of August 2021 I believe. So only about 3 months of hard work I got all the way up to 10k and it was a crazy feeling. I've been consistent since and have made a full transition into car/vlog content and have been growing g to become a popular name in the car niche.. now I have just about 17k subs, exactly 16,950, and looking onward!

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Links Discussed In This Episode

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