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311: Sticking With It Through The Tough Times With Glynn and Rose Willard From Reset Your Journey

This week we are joined by rose and Glynn from the Reset Your Journey YouTube channel. We talk about their lives on the road as an RV family and how they have started and grown their YouTube channel documenting their journey. We talk about trial and error and learning from your mistakes on YouTube and so much more!

About Rose and Glynn:

We are Glynn and Rose Willard. A Full-Time RV Family. When our lives changed dramatically in May of 2020, we decided to sell our home, most of our possessions, and our business to pursue a long-time dream of downsizing, living debt free, and traveling the country in an RV with our two boys. While the beginning of this process hasn't been easy, we've realized what truly matters in life and what we ultimately need to live a fulfilled life!

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Links Discussed In This Episode

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