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In episode 9 of the YouTube Creators Hub podcast, we chat with MotoManTV. He is an automotive YouTuber with over 110 THOUSAND subscribers and a great community on YouTube. He has been on YouTube for over 4 years now and has some great insight on the sacrifice it takes to becoming a full-time YouTuber. He talks about the side of the business that not many are willing to reveal. We discuss content strategy and consistency and SO much more.

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In episode 8 of the YouTube Creators Hub podcast, we talk with Eric The Car Guy. He is an automotive YouTuber with over 700 THOUSAND subscribers and has created a great community over on his channel. He has been on YouTube for over 7 years and has some great insight on how to grow/create your YouTube channel.

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In this episode, we discuss how to link your channel to an associated website AND how to create an audience for your videos. Eric, also talks about creating a business plan from the onset of creating your YouTube channel.

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In this week's episode of the YouTube Creators Hub podcast, we talk with Michael Berenis of Boostaholics. He is in the car niche and focuses on an Automotive Reality Show based on today's modern grassroots force induction culture. His channel Focuses a lot on Japanese tuner platforms, he has been on YouTube since 2007 and has over 125,000 subscribers.

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Products Mentioned In This Show:

Go Pro Hero4 Camera --- Pivothead Durango HD 1080p Video Glasses, Glossy Black --- Canon EOS Rebel T5 EF-S 18-55mm IS II Digital SLR Kit

In this episode, we discuss how it is important for you to be comfortable on camera and show your face. This is a great tip when trying to grow your community, and have your audience put a face with a voice. Michael also talked about creating a merchandising store for his community. This is another great way to monetize and make an income from your content. The platform he uses is called Spreadshirt.

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In this week's episode of the YouTube Creators Hub Podcast, we talk with Lon Seidman from Lon.TV

Resources From This Show:

Final Cut Pro - This is the video editing software that Lon uses when creating his videos.

YouTube For Dummies - Lon's book recommendation

Other YouTube channels mentioned in this show:





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Resources Mentioned in this episode:

TubeBuddy - A great tool that adds so much flexibility to your creator back end on YouTube.

Grammarly - This is spell check on steroids! Never have to worry about publishing content with typo's.

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In this episode of the YouTube creators Podcast, we talk to my friend David Smith about starting a YouTube channel and the struggles of being a YouTuber just starting out. We share some great tips and ideas on growing your YouTube channel.

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In this episode of the YouTube Creators Hub podcast we talk to Dr. Bill Lampton about his success in utilizing his YouTube channel to help build his communication business. We discuss how he uses the iPad to record a lot of his videos as well as talk about being ourselves and how this is a great way to build an audience.

Resources talked about in this episode:

iMovie - This is the program that Bill uses to edit his YouTube videos on his iPad

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YouTube Channel

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In this episode of the YouTube Creators hub podcast we introduce the show and the host. We talk about creating a YouTube Channel that makes a difference, as well as list three tips to get started with YouTube. I also talk to David Cox from PC Classes Online and talk to him about how he has used YouTube to grow his business, and talk about some of his strategies on growing his YouTube Channel. In this episode we talk about 3 YouTube Tips to get started Here they are: 1.) The First tip we talk about is just being able to create content that matters and makes a difference. How to be different. 2.) The second tip that we talk about is identifying your YouTube audience. If you know your audience you are going to be able to more clearly create content that they want to watch and you want to create! 3.) The third tip is very simple. IGNORE THE TROLLS and be YOURSELF We also interviewed David Cox from PC Classes Online and Mac Guru. Here are some of the information and Link Resources that he shared during the episode.


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