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In this week’s episode, we chat with Michelle Dwyer from the Thrift Spy YouTube channel. Michelle is based out of Baltimore and is a writer. She talks about how she wants to take her writing and thrifting skills and transfer that to the video space on YouTube. Michelle has some great insight on being a new YouTuber and what you can do to jump start your channel. She talks about learning from her mistakes AND gaining some value from our podcast! --- A little shameless plug there :)

The Online Business Realm Has Launched

I have had a passion for sharing my knowledge online for a long time, and a few years back decided to work solely online and try and make a full time living. I have launched a blog/podcast called The Online Business Realm. On this show and blog, I discuss my online business journey, and actionable tips to help others start making a full time living online!

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Links Discussed In This Episode

iMovie --- Apple's native video editor

Final Cut Pro --- Apple's pro video editor

Screenflow — A fantastic Screen Recording software for mac to create beautiful screencast videos.

Adobe Audition — Audio editing software.

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